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Can u finally delete or nerf these stupid 508 idols Leeching booring shytt ?? or maybe add alternative ones for cc-gameplay ?? cuz already exping is a GAME BREAK SHITT

PS: maybe add a 200lvl jump potion, for like 10k ogrines ?? amakna what u think ? isnt it a new good " modern " idea ?
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im highly dissapointed by the new revamp, im back to the game after months to try it with the hope its a lot better and good, but NO!!!!

the problems with the new OSA for me:

-why u added fammiliar summons like 2x tofu, 2x gob and 2x wyrm ? for me this is a bad because we lost the funn of it, its just typical booring gobbal with typical model like this ugly tofus, nothing special... why u forced on this fusions and made summoner class to be like a pseudo Masq ? i dont like this new ideas,...
By Amaterasuuuuu - 2016-12-04 22:28:31 in Osamodas
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Hello guys

i was back to the game after some months again, and looking at the finally Osa revamp i starts to try this one, and have a big problem
i cant decide whitch build to go ? i was trying to found some advices but thers no any concrete :\

Can u help me with the type of build BASED on INTEL ? i want Hybrid and wondering about +STR or +AGI
all what i know from my todays gameplay is:


-Tanky gobbals with block\lock
- % Less dmg taken after Gob-Form
- Punch of The Crackler -strongest self...