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I love the Guitar emote and a friend of mine owns a flute and I would love to let my character sit on near a zaap and playing Guitar and not pressing it every 3 seconds. :/ There are other emotes too who could have a "loop".

My suggestions: Add a "Rightclick"-Context to certain emotes with the option "loop" or "one time", by pressing it with just a left click (the emote) you play it once, rightclick and select "loop" to let it play in a loop.

Thanks =)
By Amaralo - 2015-02-21 05:29:51 in Suggestion Box
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A STORY... I mean, DOFUS is about to collect the 6 "original" DOFUS eggs to become...a legend? And then? You can't even collect all those DOFUS at all after 11 years of DOFUS. How you want to become a legend? Yeah, sure then your a hacker.

No, seriously, ANKAMA has one of the best animator and animation-team that I know. WAKFU is one of my favorite animation series and the recently released "Trailer" of your abandoned project is just "WOW" but then again "SAD" because it's cancelled. So, why don't...