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One of the old ones.

I've been playing since open beta by mere chance. On and off for years, the longest stint between 2006 and 2015. I've seen the changes as they've happened and had the privilege to take part in and share information from the closed beta of 2.0 with the community. Dofus gave me the love of my life who I met in game in 2007 and married in 2016. I am always following the game and the forums even when I don't play or participate in conversations. The World of The Twelve is my home.


Sadida Lvl Omega 23 Echo
Feca Lvl 176 Echo
Sadida Lvl 72 Ilyzaelle
Huppermage Lvl 37 Echo

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I simply cannot buy ogrines. I tried during the Black Friday discount and it said "An error has occurred. We apologize for the inconvenience.  If the problem persists, please contact Ankama Support." I'm able to buy other items in the shop that do not cost ogrines like the Cra Pack with the same card. I get the same error but the items are added to my account. The charges appear despite the error, they pend for several days then fall off. I never receive my ogrines. I tried on the Dofus and Wakfu...
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A quick browse via search turned up no solutions but whenever I play (same with my friend) the music will randomly cut out and stop working completely. Sound effects, menu sounds, and ambient noises all continue regularly but nothing short of restarting the game, launcher and all, will get the music back on which will then just cut out again later.

While I believe the clients are identical I should note that this happens with Steam and with the regular desktop client.
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So I just started playing again yesterday. I noticed when doing fights that my chat would regularly stop auto scrolling. I'd notice the slider higher than the bottom and have to scroll it back down to see all the chat that hadn't shown because it stopped. Is there a fix for this? Something in the options I'm missing. I never adopted the "New" chat when it was optional because I was just used to the old style. Now that it's not optional and I'm having this problem. I can't say I like the new style...