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By Alundrash - 2020-02-04 05:26:29 in Your Decks
3 164
Clinging to life         x1
Blood punch             x3
Sacriers foot             x2
Sanguine armour             x3
Silas the solitary         x2
Tattoed blood             x1
Blunt blade             x1
Disciple of agony         x3
Edass the killjoy         x3
Clot the crapulous         x2
Gerbean             x2
Tears of blood             x2
Bloody champion         x2
Bould Erdash             x3
By Alundrash - 2020-01-31 11:46:42 in General Discussion
2 118
What are the prizes for each rank?

I've been playing for 3 months now and Im getting slightly higher each month.

So far I have ranked; 12th, 15th and now I'm up to 18th

I've been maining Sacrier, and my second is Iop, But I'm maybe needing to think harder about my decks.
I will post them in the deck section of the forum at some point in the near future, and maybe someone can give me a few pointers to raise my rank even further next month
By Alundrash - 2020-01-03 12:39:04 in General Discussion
3 240
Can I have both classy and cowardly maskemane in my deck at the same time, or do they count as the same card?

I got cowardly in a booster and I have 1000 dust. so was wondering before I waste it