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If my logic is correct, and if I remember correctly, the update after 1.29 was when Dofus hit 2.0. So, does this mean that when 2.29 launches, we wait a month after for the lanuch of 3.0 (Explains the delay in the 2015 roadmap I hope).
If this is true, we're just about to hit 2.27 on 17th Tues 2015, 3.0 is just around the corner.

I simply made this thread hoping to get awnsers, but also to make a simple discussions and hear peoples suggestions/hope IF 3.0 gets launched in a few months time. Or...
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It has been like this for 2 weeks now. Latest purchase I made (which was 2 weeks ago) was ~20k ogrines. It's annoying me now and I can't even p2p :> ..
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I needed to do King Nidas and log my account with has access to my Sram but this appeared -
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I don't know why, but since the account is fairly old (very old) I gave fake details and now I can't recover via passport method, or recover it through email since I forgot. For some odd reason, my friend from Belgium can access it but also I can access it through the forums. I forgot my security code as well. So is this guy just a lost cause or is there a alternate method?