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So this has been going on for a while. I cant buy items from the Market.. because I cant see any buy button and I cant scroll down the listings. This only happens for items that have many listings (10+). Is this something you are working to resolve? I have tried both on my phone and tablet, same issue on both. I really cant play tge game atm because Im about to upgrade my gear and cant really progress without it..
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As topic, if I purchase the starter pack or the bonus packs on one character, will I get the bonus exp/loot on all chars on the account? Im new and still figuring out which class I want to play. 

Also, which server do you guys recommend? Do all servers have decent pop or are some dead? 

And last question, do Android and IOS have the same servers? I have a friend wih ios while Im on android and I want to play with him if possible. 

Thanks in advance!