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By Almightyleg - 2017-12-07 10:45:47 in Iop
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I would like to first point out that I am 99% PvM.

So I don't know if anyone has looked into this yet with new spell variants but how effective is a Chance Iop vs. all of the other Iop builds? Agility looks great and of course Strength you can't go wrong. I like to focus on one element primarily to have significant damage for the time being.

From what I am seeing, using Vitality with a combination of Virtue can make a Iop extremely tanky. Then followed by the other chance spells to build shields...
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Hey fellow Solar-ites!

My name is LegeSummoner and I am currently trying to complete this quest, "The Birth of a Mission". I am on the step where you have to gather 3 different types of Wild Dragoturkeys. I had no trouble capturing a Wild Almond and Wild Ginger Dragoturkey but the Golden one keeps slipping away. I have tried many times and I can't seem to capture them.

I am aware that you need to have no Dragoturkey equipped/mounted or even dismounted. I even went to the lengths of storing all...
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Hey there everyone

My name is Legesummoner (in game) and I am in need of some support with maging my Cheeken Axe with the "Hunting Weapon". I am not too sure how much this costs or how much people charge. I am not that rich but I can definitely come up with the money to pay for it if need be. I have constantly looked for help in game and no one really replied back so I am trying here.

I am on the Solar Server and once again my name is "Legesummoner". Please hit me up in game or reply back and...