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So for my sisters' account we sent a ticket about a week ago about forgetting the secret answer. Support never got back to us but we remembered the secret answer today and tried to send a new password. So far we have got no emails or anything for a new password. I tried to send a ticket about the email not receiving but I always get an error saying there is a ticket already open for this account click here to view, yet we can not view due to no password. I'm not sure what to do since opening tickets...
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Ok so before anyone says it, no it is not the bounty quest Dx

I was in Brakmar on my character and she has always been there (Lethaline Sigisbul), i picked up a quest from her and it had me meet her at [-16,17] the quest continued where she asks for 1 Remain of Goultard's family. I couldn't find where to go to get it and every time i search for this i get the bounty quest. I tried getting my sisters help on it but the npc isn't there for her at all xD also asked ppl on my server and no1 has the...