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By Aliyazbek - 2014-10-13 16:18:07 in Suggestion Box
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Dofus Has evolved enormously in the past years ,,,,, and the game play and interface has changed to the better side...
Thanks to the developer team who made this game better for us ....

I have some suggestions that i think should be taken into consideration, and would be better for handling and can improve the game play furthermore.

Such as :

* Inventory : we should have some sort of a bag or folder inside the inventory and bank... , where we can put stuff into it to sort and organize everything...
By Aliyazbek - 2014-10-13 12:35:32 in Xelor
24 3187
Xelor is a great character,
Agile fighter, AP rooper, medium damage, nice range on most spells...

The general idea is that most people use Xelors for pvp especially kolossium and rarely for pvm...
The idea of a Xelor in people's minds is ap roop and ap roop only...

I use Xelor as my main character in game, and it was the first character i created and i witnessed all updates that affected this class...

To be honest Xelors are still good, but they miss something to keep up with other classes..