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By [Izmar] - 2017-05-04 17:30:00 in General Discussion
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Hi! thanks for your response in #QuoTot to my question (or part of it) in "FOR DOFUS EN/KROSMASTER". And congratulations for the magazine, it helps to the community A LOT!

In my question I told the community has lots of ideas about Krosmaster online, in order to optimize it for the players and the company of course... cause it's logical you obtain benefits. I wrote a entire post about it in the Krosmaster forum... if you let me I would be glad to remember it here:

...We could be talking about a...
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#QtoTot Why are you investing so many time in a short-range game like Krosmaga, which it has a direct and much greater market's competitors, when you could optimize the best game you have in the entire company, KROSMASTER, in the same direction with a decent number of exclusive incentives for subscribed players, gaining benefits without to penalize non-subscribed players and evolving the game in a new and much greater dimension? If you lack of workable ideas you can count with the community, cause...