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Ok so i play in GRANDApa. Things got out of control everybody started to make their own bots... they either fsrm mp items to crush ap items to crush farming water or just doing discovery achievments than doing quests for easy cash with an army... there are several people selling kamas for real money.... NO MODERSTORS OR AN EASY SCRIPT EXIST TO BAN THESE BOTS... Dont you see they are killing youe game. People got sick of seen random bots running around...
imagine if that ahole open 100 running cra...
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hi guys, 
So i hit 200 on sacrier ecaflip and enutrof classes, but i couldnt figure out what is best for me. I want to get best pvp sets. Also it would be nice to know pve sets. Only experinced players answer me please, or we have same infos already can not help me. So what is good for pvp and pve?
I was planning to get;
pp chance set on Enu pve
critic critical damage agi Sacrier pvp
i couldn't decide about eca. I may make an eni 200set for eca and use it as a healer for while