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Ryu Satoru Huppermage Lvl 134 Rubilax
Aizath Iop Lvl 121 Rubilax
Reinhard Van Astrea Feca Lvl 120 Rubilax
Theresia Van Astrea Osamodas Lvl 108 Rubilax
Wilhelm Van Astrea Pandawa Lvl 108 Rubilax

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I think Collision could be better than Deafening Target, Collision has a lot of dmg when you're at 50% HP, 1% more dmg per each 2% of your hp loss and adding your berserker dmg from rage, stats and items, just for 4 AP also has an excellent range of attack with a Cross AoE, 1 AP more than Deafening Target but the dmg is real, my conclusion is Deafening Target for PvP and Collision for PvE, i'd like to know your opinion or an explantion of why you don't use Collision, you have more experience with...