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Airael Eniripsa Lvl 133 Rubilax
Sebestian Iop Lvl 3 Rubilax

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It always used to be a pinned topic in general discussion, I had very recently posted in it and went to check back for any replies - but am now unable to find the topic.

It has been made invisible to the community, I know this because the post I made in it is no longer listed on my profile's list of posts. I checked the posting list of another person that posted in it recently, that post of theirs no longer exists. I tried searching "teamspeak" and found a thread with a link to the thread in question,...
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The forums have been a bit depressing as of late. I'm interested to hear what improvements you all think could/should happen in regards to communication, in-game presence, special events, i.e things in-game or on the forums that could be changed without the need for dev involvement. (Avoid suggesting things that would require someone to sit down and create new content/coding).

Also if you like/agree with something someone has suggested, be sure to give it a green smiley face! (You only get 5 every...