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Haydees Rogue Lvl 186 Rubilax
Heestia Eniripsa Lvl 186 Rubilax
Artemees Feca Lvl 186 Rubilax
Krosmagia Huppermage Lvl 157 Rubilax
Fortunah Sram Lvl 154 Rubilax
Pandemise Pandawa Lvl 142 Rubilax
ELB-Him Foggernaut Lvl 1 Rubilax

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UPDATE: Sabi translated the wakfu part of the letter. So this thread is no longer needed, make sure to comment on the translated version!

While we wait for the translation of the letter to the community # 2 that was just posted in the french forums, here's a tl:dr version of whats coming to wakfu this year:

Moon Island Part 2, 2 new mob families. Quest of Nation Part 4 & 5 (Last) Island Rework (Monk Island) Functionality to Quest Artiffacts (Ecaflip claws to climb walls for example). PvP: Nation...
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Same issue the Eliotropes had. Also there's no huppermage forum avatar in the "wakfu_mmo" category.

I know the huppermage just came out but I dont want them to be fixed on the same time spawn as elios (11 months later).