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Warning: This ENTIRE topic is spoilers, so if you have NOT seen all of Season 3 and don't want it to be spoiled, then stop now.

So, season three has ended a little strangely and has me a little perplexed. Going back through the first and second seasons, here is my conclusion: Yugo can NEVER bring back the Eliatrope children (or Qilby, for that matter) because Oropo turned the Eliacube and the Dofus into a bomb, which blew up.

Okay, so here's some expansion/reminders on why I think this--and please,...
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Hopefully this forum isn't too dead for anyone to reply... ^^;

I'm cool with PM or forum RP, whichever you like, and I can go for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person writing. Any genre (action, romance, mystery, etc) is good with me, any maturity level, and any setting or time frame. ^-^ I can do an RP with multiple people or one-on-one, I'm down for RPing OCs or even canon characters, and a set plot or just seeing were things go is good with me too! ^o^)/

I'm pretty flexible, so if you have any ideas and...