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Ahsakasha Foggernaut Lvl 24 Remington
Sacaxa Foggernaut Lvl 6 Efrim
Glusesna Sadida Lvl 6 Remington
Sturoti Osamodas Lvl 6 Remington

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By Ahsakasha - 2019-12-14 00:18:45 in Technical Issues
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Another problem with the ticket, as if it was not enough the delay of two days to answer me with each update of my ticket, now answer me on the wrong ticket, would any gm see my ticket, or only second I will have a possible answer? --'

By Ahsakasha - 2019-12-10 20:53:14 in Technical Issues
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Could any GM look at my ticket please? I haven't been able to play for over 4 days =/


Does support take so long to respond? I already sent the documents as they requested me more than 24h and so far nothing.

I was looking to buy a package to play again but I'm already giving up...