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I can't log on anymore.  I couldn't log on on Kwismas last year, or the year before that.
I couldn't log when Rogues came out.
I couldn't log when Haloween came along.  I'm paying for this game.... I can't play for weeks at times.
Why? It's just unfair...
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Hi, I've been playing before Dofus Version 2.0. In version 1.25, there were dials type things on the map, which when you clicked on allowed you to move onto the next area. Well, in Treekeeholo these dials are still here, I was wondering... Were they left there on purpose? I can understand it may be hard to move on from area to area, but shouldn't there be an object (Like what you have for caves, manholes and etc) or just click on the side of the area waiting for an movement arrow to load up?