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Ventrilocust Sadida Lvl 124 Remington
Derivatros Eniripsa Lvl 69 Remington
Arachnophobia Cra Lvl 69 Remington
Antecedent Osamodas Lvl 52 Remington
Palaris Sadida Lvl 20 Phaeris
Arct Ouginak Lvl 2 Remington

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Hi, I'm AhRrCkTt. It's my first time to post something not related to technical issues, bugs or clarifications. Let's just say that I'm writing my own review and some suggestions for this game. I played Wakfu since November this year and I fell in love with the game except from the FREAKIN' BUGS. I love the game and how vast the World of Twelve is. The Level Cap of 200, the new Stasis System, The Relics, The Nations Quest, and everyting; I love them all. The community too, even though we can't understand...
By AhRrCkTt - 2016-12-15 10:51:55 in Technical Issues
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There was a server maintenance. . . The update was done, but this appeared and aI cant even click a button. I tried to restart the program, but no good, please Ankama . Is anyone having the same issue?