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Koala Pops Pandawa Lvl 170 Nox
Ritz Maruru Osamodas Lvl 160 Nox
Misleading Sram Lvl 160 Nox
Steam Powered Fridge Foggernaut Lvl 159 Nox
Fur Sure Pandawa Lvl 137 Nox
Esther Miyazaki Eniripsa Lvl 126 Nox

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Also when am I getting my sub time compensation for being unable to complete the content I paid for.
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In true Ankama fashion, the devs snuck in another change without citing it in the beta notes. Barrel has now been given the condition of needing line of sight to cast.

I'll give everyone a couple minutes to process this then burst out laughing when they realize how stupid of a change it is.
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As many have noticed Wakfu devs have been adapting spells and mechanics from Dofus to Wakfu. Dofus has put up a devblog on what will be happening to Sadida in the coming months, which could be what Sadida's in Wakfu could shape up to be.

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The Sadida class spells and gameplay need updating and improvement, despite the changes made to most of its spells two years ago. The class had a lot of trouble finding its place in groups, be it when fighting players or monsters. We put this trouble...