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It's for comprehension reason.

There's lots of young people which are playing Dofus (which was at first a French-only game), they wont understand a word of english.
Like some people wont understand a word of ### SMS writing.

You can make an easy test, go ask people in english, in the street, in France, and see how much people will answer you ...

There's different forums here, with different languages. You've to respect that.
It's the same thing IG, if you're in a French server, you've to speak...
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Hello, if there's some points to speak about, it's still possible to contact some class representative.
(If you remember, which one is able to speak/understand english)

I'll be very glad to share my errors in my poor english with you

You can contact me (because i don't often spend some moments here) on my French PM : (don't abuse of it )

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Ankama won't publish the pvp statistic.
They use those statistic to try for the re-balancing, but wont publish that.
(in order to avoid systematic whining against the top pvp class, and perhaps for other reasons)

For the Goultarminator , some points are soon in discussion (about the last hammer , shields, supremacy of the combo of sacrier and osamoda, ...) (google...