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Hi Again, some time ago I didn't know what to do with my cra, now I'm 85 and I'm not sure at all, my equipment:

King Jellix's Crown 221 vit +5CH
Chafeuse belt +9CH and good stats
Young Valds rings +3CH and decent stats( X2)
Farle's Ears +2CH
Legendary Cracklerocape +3CH
Orino Boots
Fishing Bow and Boris +5CH
Pet Bwak +67Strengh

Also I have:
Farle's Wedding Ring (req. lvl 87)
Gelano( I can't wear because of criticals...)

I scroleed Chance , by now I have until 70 and put all my points to strengh
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Hello, My name is Agustin and i'm a spanish men .. well, i just have 2 months playing in that game in ALMA where all people speak spain...
But, as you know that server only exist since juny... then there isn't too many people in ALMA that can help me ...
My cra is a strengh critical hit...
Actually, i'm a lvl 59 cra with those attaks:

Punitive arrow 5
powerfull shooting 5
Critical shooting 5
Distant shooting 5
lashing arrow 5

Well by now i have that equipment:

Celestial brooch
2 young vald rings...