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as a Mac OSX user, I'd like to see the Native full size mode and tabbed mode enabled on the dofus client.
It is a trivial modification on the developer side (a couple of flags during the packaging process) but it could make a HUGE difference for the gameplay.

Is it possible to pass this request to the developement team? Do you guys think it would be beneficial too?

Just to be clear:
Native Full Size Mode: The mode in which a window takes a full workspace, enables you to sort different clients...
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I want to remove my Autopilot Potion from my (now) useless mount.
The changelog states:If a mount certificate with an “autopilot” capacity is exchanged with one of the three mount exchanging NPCs, players will receive a certificate without said capacity and a linked autopilot potion.
What are these 3 mentioned NPCs? Do I risk exchanging my mount for an useless certificate if I misuse it?
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Today I did the last step in the "the Warrios's path" quest line, asking me to go back to Metamunch Kin.
The MINIMAP points me to the Astrub tavern map, but I can't find the NPC there! Anyone knows if it has been moved? If it has, then the quest is pointing to a wrong location.

EDIT: Okay, I am answering myself here, hope it's useful for the other people too.
It seems that if you have a specific quest active (don't know if it's related to the dungeon quests) Metamunch Kin is NOT PRESENT in the astrub...