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By AestheticAwesomeness - 2015-03-27 12:31:08 in Solar
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Although not many regulars from our server browse the forums, I feel like just in case I forgot anybody they'll find me here.

My time to leave Dofus has finally come. I've been wanting to leave for months now, but I had to work out a few things with various people and build up the courage to finally do it. So here I am, typing out this message for anyone who cares enough to wonder why I'm gone with tears rolling down my face. I've spent the past two hours or so sending a personal ankabox to most...
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It seems Youyettes has an extra space before "Agility"

By AestheticAwesomeness - 2015-02-19 21:19:39 in Suggestion Box
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So today I was about to go off and hunt but I noticed that one of my characters just walked everywhere. I figured my ctrl key got stuck because this has happened in the past, but when I fixed it, my character was still walking. Needless to say, I was pretty confused. It turns out I was overloaded, and now that I realize it I recall this being mentioned on the changelog, but it would be really nice if you guys could add the overloaded message back into the game because it's not always obvious why...