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By AeroXZ - 2021-10-17 14:35:10 in Suggestion Box
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One thing I've noticed is that plenty of people love to attack perceptors, but not many people like to defend perceptors. If you attack a perceptor and win, you gain a split of it's resources (20% in a group of 5). If you lose, you gain nothing. If you win or lose while defending a perceptor, you gain nothing if it's not your perceptor. This leads to people questioning the thought of defending perceptors.. along the lines of, "Well, if I don't get anything except for saving someone else's perceptor.....
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On the left is a picture of my character using the Mehlodra mask. It's one of my absolute favorites! On the right is a snapshot from the .gif used to showoff the Shoulder Pad Blind Box. I've always thought the green'ish color for the mouth part and eyebrow was sort of odd. The recolor used in that .gif though looks amazing! Do you think that Ankama could change it what they edited it to in the .gif? That would be wonderful! Either that, or give us Dramak's mask's coloring. Just a thought, and not...
By AeroXZ - 2020-05-13 21:29:39 in Bug Reporting
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When you open up your Spells tab, towards the top-left you can press the Class Mechanics button for more information. Within that section you'll find a note about the turrets special spells unlocked at Evolution III.

All of these are very informative and written clearly except for the Intervention spell that is cast by the Lifesaver. It states, "Intervention (healing and protection): special spell for the Lifesaver, triggered by the First Aid and Rescue spells." The main issue here is that there...