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Foggernaut Lvl Omega 31 Echo
Foggernaut Lvl 170 Temporis II
Xelor Lvl 117 Echo
Eliotrope Lvl 98 Echo
Iop Lvl 91 Echo

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By AeroXZ - 2020-05-13 21:29:39 in Bug Reporting
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When you open up your Spells tab, towards the top-left you can press the Class Mechanics button for more information. Within that section you'll find a note about the turrets special spells unlocked at Evolution III.

All of these are very informative and written clearly except for the Intervention spell that is cast by the Lifesaver. It states, "Intervention (healing and protection): special spell for the Lifesaver, triggered by the First Aid and Rescue spells." The main issue here is that there...
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As the title says, the Tanked Backpack reads, "Drill no longer requires a line of sight." Since this is now part of the Foggernaut's Drill by default, I think it's supposed to be something else but the set doesn't say what it actually is.

I'd also like to point out that the Drill turret gives no buff to the Foggernaut at Evo2 and Evo3. This was the case during the beta, and also the launch. I don't see any effects, don't get a buff, nor do my stats change in my stats page.
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"Pushback damage is correctly affected by the multiplication effects of damage inflicted or suffered."

That quote was taken from the Eliocalypse: Resonance post on the forums. So far I have tested with Spell Damage/Melee Damage/Ranged Damage bonuses on shields, as well as Ecaflip's Luck on both turns, and even with a Cloudy Dofus on both turns. There is no increase or decrease to Pushback Damage at all.

Is this intended and the translation is misleading, or is this currently bugged?