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Member since 2005-12-21


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Foggernaut Lvl Omega 17 Echo
Cra Lvl 162 Echo
Eliotrope Lvl 98 Echo

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"Pushback damage is correctly affected by the multiplication effects of damage inflicted or suffered."

That quote was taken from the Eliocalypse: Resonance post on the forums. So far I have tested with Spell Damage/Melee Damage/Ranged Damage bonuses on shields, as well as Ecaflip's Luck on both turns, and even with a Cloudy Dofus on both turns. There is no increase or decrease to Pushback Damage at all.

Is this intended and the translation is misleading, or is this currently bugged?
By AeroXZ - 2019-03-13 04:46:44 in Suggestion Box
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I love the Ice Dofus, but I feel that all the new Dofus have such neat and interesting mechanics to them that it makes it hard to choose the Ice Dofus over other choices now. I was thinking that maybe it could get a special effect too, like most other Dofus. A suggestion could be something like:

+25 Damage
Each time you attack in a new element this turn, add +10 Damage for two turns, stacks up to 5 times.

Of course the numbers could change, the stacking, or the general idea too if need be. I think...
By AeroXZ - 2013-12-02 19:29:48 in Markets of Rushu
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As the title says, I'm looking to buy a Manitou Zoth Staff! You can either whisper me in game at:


OR leave me a message on this topic (to bump it as well ;D) or send me a PM! I hope to hear from you