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By coucou-coucouqddd - 2017-08-28 09:51:28 in General Discussion
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You wait for fatigue and play Grougaloragran 3 at the end to avoid dying.
By Shatae - 2017-08-02 10:07:58 in Your Decks
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Yes sorry about the mistake ! You have to use dodu, and not canar, to be able to summon a maddoll otherwise it doesn't make much sense ^^
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That's because of the way the fights work in Krosmaga :
-  the attacking minion (the one owned by the the player whose turn is unfolding or the one charging) deals damage
- any subsequent effect from the defending minion such as counterattacks is resolved
- the defending minion deals damage
- any subsequent effect from the attacking minion is resolved
So in your case Otomai must have been the defending minion.

In Atticor's case, I think PM modification won't affect a movement that has already...