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I have been playing krosmaga for a year now o would like to share some of my decks i use for ranked and dungeons


Lethargy Flask- 2x
Pain Flask- 2x
Alerigix- 2x
Equality- 2x
Fear Flask- 2x
Fortifying Word- 2x
Healing Word- 2x
Malb Aroma- 2x
Asprogik Fousand- 2x
Corrupted Healer- 2x
Infected Flask- 2x
Cheerful Peacemaker- 2x
Matthew Osh- 2x
Renewing Word- 2x
Soothing hero- 1x
Dozeless Acid- 2x
Necrotized Apostle- 2x
Zaldior- 1x
Transformatosis- 1x
Seduction- 1x

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Since krosmaga's last update salamurai there is nothing happening in the community old cards as usual i think they should add some new cool expansion like post apocalypse cards or spells for each gods in that expansion they must add another god for new experience and challenges of the game and somebody is saying the game is drad coz of no nee events like old patch i hope this reach to the community and accept this wish for the development of the game
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ever since the server restarted (i am only playing in mobile) i cant play the game in uninstall it and it doesn`t work until the 2nd time i uninstall the game but i can play it on the computer but not in mobile i logged my account in my tablet (the game was installed awhile ago) i inserted my account and then my account is just like a guest account i can`t add friends and i can`t see my friend if they are active or inactiveit also affects in my computer. Pls fix this problem i can`t understand why...