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I am submitting this to the second category. Hehehe.
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I would truly love a version of the hero system in Dofus because the Hero system is one of my favorite features of Wakfu. The reasons I would/may multi account are 1) I can set up a character to be a merchant and put them in merchant mode while I continue to play and 2) to help me run dungeons, achivements and quests that I am having a hard time solo. There is no 'find group' feature and even though there are active guilds, when you are a low level character, most lvl 200 characters don't want to...
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I have found the easiest way for me personally to make those sweet sweet Kamas is craft items (jewelry, boots/shoes, whatever) in mass, and shatter them for the runes. You can either try selling the runes right away or hang onto them for a bit, shatter more items and then combine them into bigger runes before selling them off.