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Haiken Pandawa Lvl 147 Remington
Frennon Masqueraider Lvl 147 Remington
Rolphe Ecaflip Lvl 147 Remington
Riskuce Ouginak Lvl 6 Remington

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I am leveling an Ecaflip ranged DD with the occasional heal but I am kind of stuck on how to optimally distribute my characteristic points. Is willpower even worth it for PvE? Also, since we get a lot of crit from our spells, would it be more efficient to not spend the full 20 points into crit chance? I wonder if anyone has done the maths for this.

Looking forward to your tips!
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Looking for people to take these costumes off my hands:

Kannibal Costume - 3mk
Justice Butcher Costume - 1mk (2 in stock)

Drop me a message in Ankabox with your name in game, or try to contact Wress/Akigra/Zynz
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So I've been leveling my water/air Sram for the past few weeks and I really like how much damage he can put out and recover lost HP efficiently. Though I found that playing this build is basically just me getting behind the target and dealing damage, so I've grown a bit bored of it. Now I looked into the traps and I'm wondering if it could be any good to turn my water/air Sram into a build based around the traps for the respective elements. I play solely PvM and I totally wouldn't mind if traps are...