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Ok so I would like to complain about weak support website organization. This site is made to regret players making any tickets 0.o! I found bug (or at least i think so) that I would like to report. "Please use to report bugs or seek account help. "- hahaha, ok I would like to read any kind of tutorial for using this website as it's too difficult for me ;/. Going to the core: how do I chose to send ticket?! Too many information on this website is just hidden! Maybe I'm missing goggles...
By AdamsorBlack - 2011-12-16 15:22:42 in Problems and solutions
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i'm unable to place bomb when i have 0 bombs ;/
to make this situation even more funny when i died, enemy summons died too
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By AdamsorBlack - 2011-12-13 20:00:07 in Problems and solutions
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I didn't knew that arena system changed, this photo shows that 2 characters around 145 lv fights against 3 155 with much higher ratings.
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Any ideas why? :blink: