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By AcesNAces - 2017-01-31 09:54:49 in Sacrier
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Hi , I want to make a new character and I think I will go with sacrier. It seems pretty different from the old version and I really need a guide on it.

I need to know which is the element that benefits sacriers the most now and what gear I should use.
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Hello lads! I just moved to Rushu , made a new character , got to lv. 42 and I want someone to be friends with.
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Hello everyone! With the new xelor soft cap changes coming , I'd like to ask you something about building a xelor. I've got a lv. 117 xel at the moment which is int/wis. I want to change my xelor base stats and I don't know what stat should I choose. Strength , agility or chance ? I want you lads to tell me which should I choose and I'd appreciate it if you could come up with some help regarding equipment.

Thanks for reading.