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Arch Knight Cra Lvl 153 Rubilax
REM-Black Knight Iop Lvl 125 Rubilax
REM-Freedom Sram Lvl 79 Rubilax
REM-Drops Enutrof Lvl 68 Rubilax

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By Absziis - 2014-06-26 11:23:04 in General Discussions
7 2003
Wandering for those player who have moved to APAC, would it be possible to transfer accounts from APAC to the server remington, because none will leave the asian server if they got high level accounts , relics e.g.
4 2037
I'm wandering if there is any actually story to the Divine Dimensions? or is it just a concept being added cause it wouldnt sound as interesting to me. The only dimension related thing i know is when Elitrope travels through dimensions in the anime, apart from that i don't know.
Is there a story for it or just a update?
2 939
Yesterday, after my leeching and logging out. My AK was level around 34 .
I logged back to see him disapear.
Is it a bug or something?