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Androphil Sadida Lvl 12 Rubilax
Andropterus Osamodas Lvl 6 Rubilax

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Rokugatsu|2021-01-13 18:37:39I like the idea above. So we can still catch any monster, but they are mostly "blank", and then we or Gobgob can turn them into a healer, tank, dmg dealer ect. And then each monster would maybe have one original skill (or each monster TYPE, to make it even easier), or more MP or AP than others. Just one little thing that makes them different but doesnt make it difficult to balance. 
Let's pray to Osamodas that Ankama does something along these lines, because that...
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So Ankama said they couldn't decide yet what to do with the summons, since they need to do something about the summons system, but don't want to lose the monster catching feel of the class either. Then maybe they could combine the two approaches? Just leave one or two original spells intact, beside the appearance of the monster, and make the rest of it generic and/or customizable (the stats of the monster and the rest of its spells and abilities). Thus, the summons would be a combination between...
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To be fair, Ankama heavily implied (to say the least) that the Osamodas revamp will be done within 2020 as well (otherwise they wouldn't have called it "Class revamp 2020 - Osamodas" in the thread they themselves created). But I agree with you about the pandemic, even if they said it would be done in 2020, the pandemic was a situation they couldn't foresee, so I think it's a good enough reason to be understanding with them. At times like these, we should be wiser and more understanding. I just hope...