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By ALeXOJ - 2011-03-14 09:48:57 in Meetings
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I'm looking for people in Minnesota around the twin cities preferably, if not around there but just in Minnesota, that's cool. I hope to meet a few people, maybe have dofus LAN parties haha! That'd be a good time. So if your in Minnesota you can either reply on here or message me in game. Preferably in game, I don't use the forums much.

Server: Solar
In game names: Crossover(147 str/cha/agi sac), Hamin (122 eni), Marijayne (110 str/cha cra), & Cicchetto (81 wis/cha/support panda). I usually...
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I tryed the names on the list none of them were on. Are there anymore out there?
I need to turn the ragnarok hammer neutral damage into fire damage, I just recently bought a fire smithmagus potion. Please pm Holic or Winkels.