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Hello all, 
Sharp-Turkey from server Echo here. 
As stated before, Echo is losing a lot of active players because of %OFFbuyers negatively affecting dofus enjoyment. They control dofus prices the way they see fit. Right now ochre dofus for example is only worth 20-25 mk anymore on echo and dropping. %OFFbuyers are making millions out of it without having ever earned one theirselves fighting against each other to drop is as low as possible in order to maximize their profits. 
Thus, yet another...
By ALIENFISH - 2019-05-25 10:05:52 in Suggestion Box
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Hello everyone, 
My name is Sharp-Turkey and I play on the Echo server. Our number of active players is decreasing. Sure there are a lot of players with multiple accounts. But there are also a ton of  %OFFBuyers who just spend entire days at equipment market and who basically control every price in the server as they see fit. And because this actually works and they basically earn Kamas without putting in any effort, more and more people feel forced to resort to this. It's as they say in Dutch:...
By ALIENFISH - 2019-02-23 15:28:31 in Suggestion Box
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The breeding items consumption has been stimulated with the breeding update.

This leaves a lot of people with used-up breeding items, and selling them is ridiculous since nobody can use them after that. There are a lot of people just putting them up for sale to misguide new players. Wouldn't it be more useful to either make them
(1) completely disappear when they reach 0 uses
(2) exchangeable for something else (like nuggets or roses). Higher lvl breeding items can yield more nuggets/roses for example....