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Nectum Xelor Lvl 215 Rubilax
Tomato Potato Feca Lvl 215 Rubilax
Sunton Sram Lvl 215 Rubilax
Master Focus Pandawa Lvl 201 Rubilax
Iceboom Rogue Lvl 158 Rubilax

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By 9Nectum9 - 2020-10-18 17:40:02 in Trade
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ingame name - Nectum 
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Hello! I am an active player since 2015-03-03 and I have a few thoughts to improve the game.
A year ago, a survey was conducted of what players want from developers, and much of this list has already been implemented. after the merge of servers, the developers will have time and resources, what to move next? I mean, you can improve the interface, bring back mobile arenas, make politics a priority, etc. I would love to know further plans, because it gives the feeling to the players that the game is...
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Nation villager NPCs were an important part of the game.  It was an experiment that came to us after the school of huppermage. But if it was an unsuccessful experiment, why did you add it in nations update (1.64)? 
And then pandalucia island, then  sadida kingdom you added Nation villager NPCs to remove it in 1.69? I do not understand what is going on. but to put It mildly spoil the experience of the game.
As my friend said "Even NPCs don't want play wakfu"

#bringback the npcs