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I have a twitter dedicated to wakfu. Welcome ~ 
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Nectum Xelor Lvl 200 Remington
Tellmoon Feca Lvl 200 Remington
Sunton Sram Lvl 198 Remington
Master Focus Pandawa Lvl 163 Remington
Iceboom Rogue Lvl 72 Remington

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After update 1.65, I expected that the developers would not stop dusting off the classes and would continue to work in this direction. When I found out about 1.66...I was disappointed, because redesign means that past work was done poorly. But besides amazing new Sadida Kingdom developers add new content. I often hear from friends that while new costumes appear in wakfu, dofus is overgrown with content. And despite the fact that the new pack (the eliocalypse) in wakfu appeared in the shop...
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Character name: Nectum
Date and time: 08.09.2019 
Map: Kelba
Server: Remington
Bug description: I entered login and password. Initially, the game is not allowed. Then everything became normal. I am making this entry to share wakfu.log 
Please note the errors in the log.
Game logs:
pastebin - log start
pastebin - log end