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Xelor Lvl Omega 189 Echo
Foggernaut Lvl Omega 40 Echo
Xelor Lvl Omega 31 Temporis II
Masqueraider Lvl 117 Echo
Masqueraider Lvl 36 Thanatena

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As I woke up this morning, the launcher stuck at the 'clock' loading screen for ages. Then as the simple solution for most of the launcher problem, I restarted the launcher and nothing works.

So I decided to uninstall the launcher, which leads me to the next problem. The Ankama Launcher setup stuck halfway through the 'downloading package 7z', for hours now. I figured out it might be a problem with my laptop instead, so I formatted this laptop (windows), proceed to download Dofus again and Walla,...
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Hey everyone!

I'm an old player returning to Dofus from 2 years hiatus and I found out some of the item such as Bihbohn Shield, Pac Tiger shield, Chisp set, Frost set are now a ceremonial item. 

Now I have a question regarding one of my item (Raydi Shield), before I do anything to it and removes any potential loss of Kamas. (Its worth 20mk in my server)

I remembered back in the days, I bought the shield and Mimied it to my Stalak shield. Now, one of my friend says;
"You may free the items from...
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So the new updates happen . I waste some of my time Lumberjacking and gaining money to rebuild my 199 Ecaflip stuff and just now , I've got all my sets and ready to rock on again and of course , the 1700++ characteristic point that I did not allocate yet need to be allocated and I started putting 100 on every stats I scrolled and I have 700++ points left and I decided to put it on Vitality
So, I tried to put the left 785 points to Vitality so I can have more vitality BUT failed , after 240 vitality...