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By Belror - 2018-07-31 10:20:37 in Suggestion Box
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I think it's good for both buyer and seller
For buyer
Get cheap price

For seller(quicksell)
Sometimes I want to hunt mats for buyer, so I know which mats I should go hunt for profit
And some people might want to clear inventory/bank to buyer
By [Briss] - 2018-08-16 16:00:00 in General Discussion
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" each victory will yield 10 league points while each loss will remove five points "
Does that make 50% win rate face stronger opponent?

Edited:Nvm, " The progression is then slowed down, as a result of victories yielding fewer points. If the character continues to rank higher in a league whilst its Rating stagnates, it will still be possible to progress but it will take longer.
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lol @rektop and multi elements spell