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So lets see the love for Aermyne guys! You know you are out there. English-speakers who play there, like myself

Spend 5 minutes on the server and you will see that it is at least 25-35% English. You will see Recruitment channel filled with requests for English-speaking players. Many people who are not native English-speakers still use the language to talk between themselves(Dutch to Portuguese for example).

This kind of stuff is silly, they direct English-speaking players(Canadians, Australians)...
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I paid someone to have these Gobbowl Boots made today:

Click here

The boots were then maged. Getting someone to do this is expensive and tedious, as most skilled craftsmen are unwilling to waste time on a guttersnipe like me(lvl 37). When I went to put them on I receive an error message:

That content is not currently available.

Why does Ankama allow these crafts to appear in the game if they are not functional? Why not allow them to be used, despite the lack of the content(on English Dofus) which...
By 5hifty - 2011-11-04 20:18:33 in Rogue
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So when I rolled my Agi-Rogue I noticed Bows are a secondary weapon, and I took Bowcarving. Now the pains of leveling that prof, and the meager rewards I will reap from the handful of agi/air bows which actually exist, have caused me to rethink this decision. It seems like daggers would be a much more worthwhile investment.

I was wondering if some higher-level/more-experienced rogues would mind giving their opinion on bows & rogues. Is it worth the trouble to use them, will I ever even find...