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By 5135809 - 2023-01-17 18:55:16 in Guides
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I have question about altars ,or containers on the map .I have found them all over the places but dont know wat are they ,and wat use they have.
I am talking about one on the map that look like on i the boss rums ,but you put resorces in.
By 5135809 - 2021-09-20 22:03:12 in Xelor
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Here i will discuss some problems with  current Xelor class ,my opinions and ideas.This is my personal opinion so i hope i won't offend anyone who like new mechanic or developer ,i realy like xelor and think it can bee so much more.

in my opinion fire currently doesn't do anything concrete and its efects are all over the place.
I know it's main purpose to deal damage  but it's my opinion I think fire suffer the most in this revamp.
so my idea is to turn it in damage with on kill...
By 5135809 - 2021-04-15 13:12:58 in General Discussions
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I have questions related to lore .

I know how someone becomes a class.
you can be born as one ore choose when you become 15-16.
but I wonder if there are any who are pure humans.

2)how serious are Commandments.
i know a lot of them are made as a joke but do they really have any effect.
if you don't follow them you will be punished ,lose power or something.

3)how you gain power in lore.
Do you train or do you  worship of god.

4)how long classes live .
I know some classes live longer...