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By 4elFromBLR - 2018-02-14 20:07:52 in General Discussion
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Hi, I'm interested to know if a new emotion will be added and a pet from the new pack that costs (35,000 Goultines ) per game for the Kama? Just for me it's silly to give more than $ 60 in emptiness for the sake of emotion and pet. I just love to collect them.
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My dear friends ,
Tired of the silence and despondency? The Eternity Guild is gaining active players in its ranks! If you want to find yourself a friendly and cheerful company to conquer the game spaces, then you to us. We create a large close-knit team where everyone can find a job for themselves, be it PvE or PvP, find a party in dungeon and ask for help. Our guild consists of adults, adequate people who play and communicate for their own pleasure.

Guild Overview:

The guild was created on 2017-11-02...
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Здесь можно найти себе друзей по игре на сервер Grandapan!