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By 4dudu - 2017-04-06 14:37:16 in General Discussion
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Hello everyone,

I don't understand how the reset works on Dofus touch. I used my free reset in the temple and after that I made 25 scrolls on intelligence. If I want to reset my intelligence in the future will I lose those 25 scrolls? there's any way I can keep these 25 or 50 scrolls?
By 4dudu - 2017-03-26 01:57:08 in Eniripsa's Hands
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Hello everyone, 

I'm new with this class and I need some advice about it. I amb level 51 and I want to be a Intelligence/Heal Eniripsa. Could anyone tell me which set is better at my level? and for higher levels to improve it as long as I reach them?

Thank you all!