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Activity on the dofus Forum

By 2bytwo - 2014-05-13 19:17:06 in Suggestion Box
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Well, I replied to a forum comment today with a few ideas on some classes having their spells changed ( I suggested ), AND I decided to write here with a FULL LIST of my suggestions to make Dofus be more strategy based, hope you guys enjoy it !


So the Sacrier is known as a tank, Sacrier's Foot helps to lock enemies, but what do the other damage spells do ? I see little roles in them, so here's what I suggest :
Absorption : Base damage reduced by 6.
Once cast on a target...
By 2bytwo - 2014-02-11 08:26:01 in Suggestion Box
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Seeing as Ankama is deciding to introduce new Dofus' this year, I would like to suggest another set of Dofus', these will add negative states but great power.

Adding states ? Yes, the person you fight will have to figure them out, they will be written in the "Buffs" part of the fight ( just say, one Dofus could have "Triggered : -5% resistance each time pushed against a wall, but of course wouldn't be that obvious ).

So what powers will these guys have ? Duo to their negative states, they should...
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I have tryed to download Beta from the forum ( Izmar's link on Test Server topic ), and no result for many continuous attempts.

BUT, 1 day, Rumplestilsken gave me a link for 2.17, it worked, but once 2.18 version came out, it stopped working.
I tried to download again but at 100%, the thing froze, and when I tried open again, it said some files were broken.

So if anyone can, tell me what/where/why/how that problem occured and if there's a way to fix it.