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By 2Pacman - 2012-11-06 22:49:23 in Sacrier
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I started again with dofus and picked a sacrier full vit.
People call it Agi sac so, i am a agi sac.

I reached lvl 15 for playing like 3 hours or something. People say
sac's are pro and amazing, always nice damage and shit.
I only do 2x 8 in one round. So 16, and then i logged in on
a 148 sac full vit agi sac, from sites with test account on.
He hits like 25 a round.

Please help, why am i so weak? I played with cra and
that did alot more damage on lvl 15.
By 2Pacman - 2012-11-04 12:21:59 in General Discussion
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Best dofusers,

i already played on dofus but i created a new account. Now after my come back there is a
bonus exp system. How does it works?

Because i make new charachters till i can make one from x4 exp bonus.
I fight with him and then its only 3x or 2x? And i think this keeps lowering?

Do i first have to train my main character on the account (lvl 13) to higher level
or what? I wanne take a fast start. Please help.