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Freelance writer, photographer, voice talent and narrator. Blah blah blah. BORRRRing. Yes, I don't do 'sit around and relax' at ALL well, Better known in WAKFU as 'that idiot who plays EVERY class as a brainless, loot-driven tank.'

Currently involved in the revival of a comic book (HAVOC, INC.) I created and wrote some years back and carping about when the new anthology I wrote a P.I. story for will release (supposedly this month, but we'll see).
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Sho Jinn Pandawa Lvl 137 Rubilax
Raphtalia Tso Ecaflip Lvl 55 Rubilax
Takeru Sono Osamodas Lvl 13 Rubilax
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This morning, I happened to be running a new alt through Incarnum on REM. Several times, I witnessed a lvl 100 player challenging new players of lvl 6 or slightly above.

I you want fight points, may I suggest you go to another location and challenge more experienced players? There's no point in starting a newbie out with a potentially devastating loss of two. On the flip side of the coin, where's the challenge of a two second dual against someone who neither knows strategic placement or has the...
By 1vent - 2019-03-21 15:23:09 in General Discussions
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Says it all. It was up on the 16th., last year. Nothing now.