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Sadida Lvl 190 Echo

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By 15Giliano51 - 2019-05-24 15:33:22 in Sadida
2 641
Hey all im playing sadida and wanna max it.
I came back after being offline for 2 years so i also need new friends to play with.

But beforei  go off from this thread, what do you think is good to play as sadida now?
i was thinking of a chance/int sadida or omni sadida, i would loke to hear your ideas and also the reason.
By 15Giliano51 - 2017-04-12 12:50:23 in Rushu
2 682
Hey everybody,

Im a level 199 int osa and i want to be level 200 and thinking about making other classes 200 also.
But my problem is that i dont know places where to solo level, i dont like pvp so i dont do kolo etc.
I like pve, i did quest but for some quest you need a group and i dont have people to join for he quest
because 1 they arleady did it or 2 dont want to.
I really need to know places to solo level or i wil quit the game...

hope someone can help