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Your gf thinks im hot
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Sacrier Lvl 178 Echo

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As the title says, is Ankama planning to announce another Temporis ? I think the demand for Temporis 1 and 2 was more than enough, i cant remember any time that i'd enjoyed the game that much and in the end character transfer is really solid option for us players
By 10x6 - 2018-10-27 02:36:11 in Sacrier
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Hi guys i have a 176 level sac which was str when you could build up about. ( It was a recent change btw) but now i see it changed a lot (max suffering is 5 now) annnd int sacs are back in the game with motivating pain. I love pvp. what is best build for pvp for these levels (175s) and late 200. Thanks in advance.