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Tyr Osamodas Lvl 184 Nox
Tempura Eliotrope Lvl 184 Nox
Veryne Feca Lvl 183 Nox
Horst Draper Rogue Lvl 152 Nox
Tempura Time Ouginak Lvl 131 Nox

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Hi guys,

I have no idea what 50% Quantity Peasant harvest is. Peasant harvest? Do they just mean 50% to any quantity of gathering?

*edit* looks like they mean "Farmer"
By 00--TEMPURA--00 - 2019-02-05 06:27:46 in Crafting
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Hi Guys,

I'm not sure where the Rawrzr base drops as it doesnt give it a recipe but just shows it as an item in the encyclopeida, can anyone let me know where this drops?
By 00--TEMPURA--00 - 2018-10-03 04:32:45 in General Discussions
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I'm getting confused on the description. It sounds like Area mastery, according to the tool tip, only happens when you are hitting MORE than one monster.

I had interpreted it as, any use of an AoE spell.

Which is correct?