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By -zeusek- - 2008-10-27 07:58:06 in General Discussion
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I'm curious what everyone thinks about Aggressive Mobs. You know, Chafers/Koalaks/Crocks/Dregs/etc.

I was grinding on Koalaks with a guildie and the subject came up. Neither of us really cared too much about dodging mobs, but neither felt that mobs that aggress bring any additional enjoyment or challenge to the game. We both felt like it was just another annoyance. I personally feel that it's just another Ankama feature to waste time, so to speak. I could almost understand it for the worst...
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My subscription ends this weekend and I was planning on renewing for a year to get a pink goone, but I'm concerned about the nerf coming up. If I put the goone on my Xelor, it'll be stuck there for a few months. And if I find that the nerf is too much for my Xelor to deal with, I will be going back to my Cra or Sram as my new main. But whatever class I decide to make my main, I want the goone on that character.

About the nerf. I really don't care about the new AP formula, but I'm concerned...