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By -leet- - 2016-09-23 00:50:49 in Rushu
2 605
Thinking about coming back to dofus, had a 150 Cra on one account, and like a 110 Sram on another. Thinking about making a new char or possibly playing one of my old ones and looking for a guild who does things together. Would like to be able to participate in something in the game instead of just grinding mobs out by myself for eternity.


P.s. you can message me if im online on my cra, Ectorm, ill be online for a while tonight. Or message here and ill check every so often
By -leet- - 2015-03-14 03:19:31 in Cra
4 2181
Hey dofus players! I have been leeching a cra recently to about 145 where I can get the soft oak set and go int and start doing things. This time back I was looking forward to playing two accounts. A lot of people I have asked what a good duo for a cra is have said things like osa,eni for healing purposes.

But being an int cra I obviously don't want another int char then when I do mobs that have int res I can still kill them relatively fast. Would something like a Chance Eniripsa be possibly a...
By -leet- - 2015-02-13 19:31:58 in Sram
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Hey guys, decided to come back and play dofus a little different than I have before. I also found out about the change class thing. So I am thinking of changing my higher level to a Sram, and sub a second account to lvl up another char with it.

Questions are.

1. What kind of sram is better for pve? Str or Agi? Not really against either just not sure what to play.

2. What duo partner is good for a sram? Do you need a healer if you are only doing duo or is double damage an option? How much does...